Area41 2024


This is the Call for Papers for the AREA41 conference in June 2024 (
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About Area41

Area41 is an international security technology and research conference offering two presentation tracks, along with several side activities. The event features many international IT security experts sharing their deep technical knowledge in an open environment and takes place on 6/7 of June, 2024 in Zurich/Switzerland. The conference is organized by DEFCON Switzerland, a non-profit organization registered as a Defcon Chapter (DC4131) with the aim to give experts and professionals a platform to transfer insights into the information security domain and to sensitize users to information security topics.
The official conference web site is located at:

What we are looking for?

We are seeking presentations around current IT security topics. Technical talks only. No marketing or product talks. Potential topics include: Exploits, malware analysis, red/blue team, DevSecOps, DFIR, OT security, ...

Regular Track: 45 minutes presentation (incl. Q&A) in English

Speaker Benefits

We offer the following benefits to accepted speakers at Area41 2024:

⨀ Paid accommodation for two nights at the speaker hotels. Additional nights need to be purchased individually.
⨀ Reimbursement of travel expenses in economy class up to USD 500 (Europe) and USD 1500 (Intercontinental).
⨀ Free admission for the two conference days for the speaker(s)

All benefits, except the conference ticket, are only given to one (1) speaker per slot.

The author of the content keeps his or her full rights on the submitted material. By submitting the CFP package the author agrees to the following terms:

  • You confirm that the material submitted is your own except for where explicit references to third-party works are made.
  • You confirm that you have obtained permission to use and distribute third-party content, like images.
  • You give permission to DEFCON Switzerland to publishing/distributing your material either in physical or electronic format without royalty.
  • You give permission to DEFCON Switzerland to create audio and video recordings of your presentation and publish/distribute these without royalty.
  • You agree that travel and accommodation expenses are reimbursed only upon successful delivery of your talk and upon presenting the receipts.
  • You give permission to DEFCON Switzerland to handle the data entered in this CFP and discuss it privately with the talk selection committee. Data collection is for the talk selection and conference agenda only and will not be shared with external companies.
  • You agree not to hold DEFCON Switzerland liable for any direct or indirect damages or costs in case the event is cancelled.